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Welcome from Dr. David Alessi and Deborah Alessi

It is our sincere hope that you will take a moment to explore our site and allow us to share with you our important work of assisting women and children who have been victims of violent and disfiguring crimes.


The mission of Face Forward is to provide facial surgical reconstructive services for women and children who have been victims of violence through gang aggression or domestic violence. Such injuries are devastating, and we primarily offer facial reconstructive services for affected innocent individuals.


The urgency in providing relief to innocent individuals lies in the fact that the lasting physical and emotional effects of gang and domestic violence have a documented ripple effect through generations and can affect many more than just the abused. The scars of abuse are a constant reminder of the abusive event and cause physical and psychological pain, often times lasting much longer than the abuse event. These reminders can cause victims to feel shamed, ostracized, and unable to fully recover. Our mission is to pave that first step forward toward recovery and toward the future.


Our professional staff and benefactor support at Face Forward continues to grow daily in our task to assist victims of violence find a new face and a new beginning. We welcome your support in this important mission and feel confident that our work is unparalleled in importance.




 Dr. David Alessi                               Deborah Alessi